Monday, September 27, 2010

Grandson Attie Hawke Celebrates His Fourth Birthday

Our grandson Attie Hawke celebrated his 4th Birthday on September 25, 2010. He chose to have a party at Burger King on Riverside Drive in Danville, Virginia. Family and friends gathered with food, birthday cake and presents.

(note: Scroll down for pictures of old timers from the "Happy Days" of 1960. This blog jumped into the wrong place. Double click on these photographs for a larger picture.)

Attie greeted all the guests with a big smile.

Attie, mother Jo Hawke, brother Luke

Left: Grandmother Nancye, Ryan Hill, Danny & Melanie Cockram

Great grandmother Mae Simpson, Grandfather Rylan Hawker, dad Kevin Hawke, Attie Hawke, mother Jo Hawke and brother Lucas Dalton.

Kevin & Jo with Attie and Lucas

Attie, Jo, Charlie & Cindy Jefferson, Tom & Beverly Laptos

Brother Ryan Hill, Melanie & Danny Cockram

Attie eyes the birthday cake

Blowing out the candle

Attie with new toy

Lucas, Charlie, Cindy & Tom

Ryan, Melanie & Danny Cockram

Danny, Mae & Ryland

Charlie & Cindy Jefferson

Attie with new book

Ryan, Mae & Ryland

Attie with gifts

Attie, Jo & Lucas

Birthday boy

Attie and Jo

Attie, Jo, Lucas, Charlie & Cindy, Nancye

Charlie & Cindy and Tom

Ryan, Melanie, Danny & Mae

Jo with boys

Attie & Jo

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

George Washington H. S. Class of 1960 50th Reunion

Class of 1960 George Washington H.S. Danville, Virginia Reunion
(click on picture for larger image)

Faye Westbrook, Jane Collie, & Nootsie Dyer

Helen Flynn & husband

Kenneth Neathery & wife

Our "new" school as it was completed in 1956

Allen Halperin & wife
Home Economics Class (then)

Sue Overby, Linda Kirby & Harriet Clark

Nootsie Dyer, Price McConnell & Bill Griffith

Billy McMann & Mason Kent

Allen Hudgins, Harriet Clark and husband at Pepsi Building

Sue Ellen Evans & Linda Kirby

Ann Taylor, Bonnie Snead & Evelyn Lee

Betty Ann Wall, Sue Ellen Evans, Linda Kirby, Ann Taylor, Bonnie Snead & Evelyn Lee

Priscilla Ashby, Margaret King & Sandra Parton

Jo Ann Dix & Robert Anderson

Betty Lou Cocke & Sara Cook

Shelvie Apple & Joyce Corn

Kitty Harville & June Easley

Bucky Anderson & Jane Collie

Katherine Allmond & husband

Ann Taylor, Evelyn Lee, Joanne Womack, Gail Anderson & husband, Barbara Moore & Frannie Lyle

Mike Bowles & Dickie Winstead

Bobby Hill & Joan Cassada
Sue Ellen Evans & Mary Ann Owen

Danny Ricketts & Martha Stovall
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