Monday, September 27, 2010

Grandson Attie Hawke Celebrates His Fourth Birthday

Our grandson Attie Hawke celebrated his 4th Birthday on September 25, 2010. He chose to have a party at Burger King on Riverside Drive in Danville, Virginia. Family and friends gathered with food, birthday cake and presents.

(note: Scroll down for pictures of old timers from the "Happy Days" of 1960. This blog jumped into the wrong place. Double click on these photographs for a larger picture.)

Attie greeted all the guests with a big smile.

Attie, mother Jo Hawke, brother Luke

Left: Grandmother Nancye, Ryan Hill, Danny & Melanie Cockram

Great grandmother Mae Simpson, Grandfather Rylan Hawker, dad Kevin Hawke, Attie Hawke, mother Jo Hawke and brother Lucas Dalton.

Kevin & Jo with Attie and Lucas

Attie, Jo, Charlie & Cindy Jefferson, Tom & Beverly Laptos

Brother Ryan Hill, Melanie & Danny Cockram

Attie eyes the birthday cake

Blowing out the candle

Attie with new toy

Lucas, Charlie, Cindy & Tom

Ryan, Melanie & Danny Cockram

Danny, Mae & Ryland

Charlie & Cindy Jefferson

Attie with new book

Ryan, Mae & Ryland

Attie with gifts

Attie, Jo & Lucas

Birthday boy

Attie and Jo

Attie, Jo, Lucas, Charlie & Cindy, Nancye

Charlie & Cindy and Tom

Ryan, Melanie, Danny & Mae

Jo with boys

Attie & Jo

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